Elsecar Heritage Centre, Wath Road, Elsecar, S74 8HJ

Who we are

Barnsley Museums manages the great heritage assets in Barnsley including collections, buildings and landscapes. The collections are special not just because of the valuable art donated to its Borough by wealthy philanthropists, but due to the collections of everyday and personal objects that were brought together to form the Experience Barnsley Museum. We believe everyone should get to experience this story and see volunteers as a vital part of this.

How you can help

Visitor Experience Site maintaining Events and Activities There no formal entry requirement for volunteering with us, just a passion and interest in who we are, Barnsley’s story and helping the public engage with this. People volunteer with us for a variety of reasons: to develop new skills, to help make our sites and services more accessible to the public, to get more involved with local heritage, to share skills, to improve health, wellbeing and knowledge or to enjoy the social side of working with others who have similar interests.



  • Opportunity details:
  • Inside
  • Outside

  • Experience gained:
  • Work Experience
  • Life Skills
  • History
  • Customer Service
  • Event Organising Experience
  • Knowledge of Local Area

Published: 26 February 2019