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Employer-supported volunteering (ESV) for employers

Point of contact: Janette Walker

Employer-supported volunteering (ESV) gives employees the opportunity to volunteer during working hours. Employers then have a positive impact on the communities in which they operate. Many employers in Barnsley have introduced different types of volunteering programmes supporting community organisations and charities with their time and skills, allowing them to give something back and meet their corporate social responsibilities.

We have many years’ experience of brokering ESV support to local employers, with knowledge of the varying needs of local communities and an understanding of how to match employers from all sectors. Many voluntary and community groups could never afford to pay for the support they receive from the business community, whether this is one-off team building events or longer-term professional, skilled, or technical support, or even a trusteeship.

Each year we help over 750 volunteers from many different sectors supporting around 50 groups. The large employers that we have worked with include XPO Logistics, DWP, Barnsley Council and Yorkshire Building Society, as well as smaller local employers.

ESV can enhance a company profile and positive reputation; it helps with team working and morale and can provide increased motivation for employees when they return to work, as well as contributing to individual well-being.

Employer-supported volunteering (ESV) for employees

Point of contact: Janette Walker

Employer-supported volunteering (ESV) gives employees the opportunity to volunteer during working hours. The concept is simple - your employer assists you in participating in forms of volunteering that are consistent with the values of the organisation; this may be in the form of a partnership between the employer and one, or several, organisations. We help your employer to facilitate this.

Employer-supported volunteering can provide skills development and can make a real difference to the organisations that you work with.

Volunteer Centre

Point of contact: Yasmin Winder or Rachel Neale

The Volunteer Centre is a great place to start looking for volunteering opportunities. We'll work with you to find out what you're interested in doing and try to match you with a suitable volunteering role with a local charity or voluntary organisation.

Our Volunteer Centre provides support and expertise within the local community to potential volunteers, existing volunteers and organisations that involve volunteers - matching individuals and groups interested in volunteering with appropriate opportunities. We hold information on a wide range of opportunities and offer potential volunteers support and advice - matching their motivation to volunteer with appropriate volunteering opportunities.

We work with volunteer co-ordinators from local voluntary and community groups, and facilitate regular networking meetings which are a positive environment in which volunteering can flourish. We also work with local groups and organisations on development activity to increase and improve the quantity, quality and diversity of volunteering locally. Through the Volunteer Centre’s activities there's an increased awareness of the issues impacting on volunteering.

Supported volunteering

Point of contact: Sarah Davey

Some people who require additional support are currently excluded from participating in volunteering due to barriers to access and a lack of opportunities.

Our project works with anyone who wishes to volunteer in a person-centred way; considering the personal barriers faced by each individual involved and working through these with that person, putting in place reasonable adjustments to enable participation.

Supported volunteering also works with organisations to provide adequate support and investment to provide all staff and volunteers with the resources, skills and experience to involve people with additional needs in the organisation.